To Dan, on his first Father’s Day

While I have plenty of other posts saved in my “drafts” folder here, I wanted to take a moment today to post something special for my husband, Dan, on his first Father’s Day. It’s wild for me to think about this day a year ago: we were hiking up a nearby ridge, me slowly putting…Continue reading »

Quick update

Well, our little Isla is just over 9 months old, which means it’s also been more than that long since I most recently published here. And, I don’t where to start. The quick update: Isla is healthy and happy. She’s developed such a fun, happy and inquisitive personality over the course of the last few…Continue reading »

Isla’s birth story

Name: Isla Elizabeth Sohner Born: 6:37 p.m., June 25, 2020 Size: 6 lbs., 8 oz. and 19.5 in. The days before During the final weeks of my pregnancy, my OBs and midwife casually remarked that the baby was still very “high” and had not started to “drop.” Between that and the fact that I hadn’t…Continue reading »

July 11: Resources, Part 2, and Extending Grace

Well, here we are. I’ll start by saying that I’m disappointed in the direction the coronavirus pandemic is headed in the U.S. As a staunch “rule follower,” I can’t help but wonder if we would be in a better place today if we could have tolerated lockdown for even a handful of more weeks.  While…Continue reading »

She’s here!

Just as I was about to publish another post with more COVID and pregnancy related resources, our daughter surprised us with her arrival on June 25. We are well — healthy and happy. These first few days have been nothing short of magical. I’ll publish those resources, as well as a post about Isla’s birth…Continue reading »

Turn, baby, turn!

A few weeks ago, at a routine prenatal appointment, an ultrasound technician uttered those dreaded words: “your baby is breech.”  What?! Just a few weeks prior, the same technician had confirmed that baby was “head down and ready to go.” I knew that a breech position wasn’t ideal, but I didn’t know that it would…Continue reading »

A heavy heart and bringing a baby into the world

Late last week, I was planning to post about the most recent update to my pregnancy (baby is breech), but that feels a bit tone deaf with what’s going on right now. So while my personal “news” has been another unexpected twist and turn (literally and figuratively) in my pregnancy, compared to the strife faced…Continue reading »

A Mother’s Day Ode

To be honest, when I first realized that I would be pregnant over Mother’s Day, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. As much as I knew that I someday wanted to have a family of my own, I didn’t ever look at myself through the lens of actually being a mom.  Over the…Continue reading »

This sucks. I am blessed.

After publishing my most recent post, wherein I grieved for “the pregnancy I wish I had,” I thought I would use the beginning of a new month to acknowledge not what I lost in April, but rather what I had to be grateful for.  And so, while the coronavirus and the past seven or so…Continue reading »

To the pregnancy I wish I had

To the pregnancy I wish I had, So long, prenatal yoga classes. I will miss the Sunday restore class instructor who sized up my bump, week by week, the most. I bid adieu to the cute maternity clothes I would have worn to the office, to dinner with friends, to the baby showers. Now, I…Continue reading »


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